About the Artist

Hi! I’m Camila Craft – hopeless romantic and pressed floral artist.

Photo by: IvyBee Weddings

My obsession with flowers began at a young age – my grandfather was an avid gardener, and my grandparent’s home was always surrounded by lush greenery, fruits and vegetables, and vibrant flowers of all kinds.When I began planning celebrations for couples seven years ago, one sentiment from my brides always resonated with me. “What do I do with this gorgeous bouquet now?!” This thought stuck through me through the years – how can I help couples preserve their wedding day memories?

Beginning in 2018, I experimented more with a childhood hobby – pressed flowers. Using a centuries old, tried and true method, I utilized books, newspaper, and hand weights to preserve blooms from my garden. After a successful few batches, I experimented with different papers, adhesives, and framing options.

The result? A unique, sentimental way to preserve and cherish wedding floral. Forever.

SEMPRE |sɛmpreɪ| – meaning “always” in Italian

I would love to help you display a keepsake of your wedding day. Looking forward to working with you!

Warmly, Camila

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