The Process

Interested in preserving cherished memories? Wonderful! Here is a glimpse at the process:

  1. Let’s connect! Due to the floral pressing process, I am only able to take a select number of commissions per month.
  2. Once we have secured your date, I will reach out to you with layout and framing details for you to select the floral art piece that best encapsulates your personal style. I will also deliver details as to how best preserve your wedding day floral in anticipation of it becoming floral art.
  3. Your wedding day! We will have made arrangements ahead of time either for your or a loved one to drop the floral off with me post-event, or I can arrange to pick it up from you within 20 miles of the Charleston area for a $25 pick up fee. I will need to have your floral in-hand within 3 days post-event to preserve freshness and color.
  4. I will begin the pressing process immediately at my in home studio. I take immense care when handling your flowers, and only use acid free paper and museum glass frames for optimal preservation of your blooms.
  5. Your pressed floral artwork will be complete within 3 weeks of your wedding date! If you are local to Charleston, you can come pick up your piece from me directly. If you are an out-of-town bride who just celebrated your special day in Charleston, we can arrange for shipment of your piece to your home.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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